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The Facial Expression Repertoire (FER) is intended for research and education purposes only.

The FER includes text, image and video data, partly licensed by third parties thus the need for registration.

There is no support by Filmakademie. The Dataset or parts of it may under no circumstances be used for racist, sexual or any illegal purposes.
Since the FER is available for free, Filmakademie shall only be liable for intent and gross negligence; warranty is limited to malice. In all non-commercial productions, scientific publications, prototypical non-commercial software tools, etc. using the Facial Animation Toolset the Filmakademie has to be named as follows: Facial Expression Repertoire (FER) by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH, Animationsinstitut (“.

The Dataset or any part thereof may only be web-hosted by Filmakademie. Furthermore the passing on of the Download information and/or the data itself (or parts thereof) is/are not allowed.

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